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Success Story - Deepwater and HPHT Wells

Oil Consultants' client approached us to provide Drilling Supervision and Support services for the simultaneous drilling of four deepwater wells (3,500ft) and four HPHT wells.  We provided the onshore and offshore planning and project management personnel including:

  • Drilling Superintendents
  • Drilling Engineers
  • HSE Advisors
  • All Rig Drilling Supervisors

All personnel were selected and mobilised by Oil Consultants using the client's defined quality standard and were fully supported locally through the payment of local taxes, accommodation for permanent and rotational personnel, visas and international transportation.

All the wells were drilling under budget and commercial quantities of gas were found.

One of the deepwater wells was drilling in 5,616ft of water and was targeted at the north west edge of a seismically defined amplitude anomaly, covering an area of 68Km2.  A DST was performed over 30ft intervals and flowed gas at an equipment restricted rate of 23 million cubic feet per day.  Based on the well results, the discovery could contain up to 1.3 trilling cubic feet of recoverable gas.

Oil Consultants provided Drilling Superintendent, HSE Manager, Drilling Fluids Engineers, Logistics Manager, Drilling Engineer and Drilling Supervisors


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