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Success Story - Heavy Duty Wireline Fishing

A major operator working offshore Qatar had four production wells 'shut-in' due to a variety of fish lost in the wells.

Our client had the contract for wireline services but, due to other contract commitments and the very specific skills required, did not have sufficient suitably experienced personnel available to carry out these fishing jobs.

To enable our client to complete the project within the contract time frame, Oil Consultants provided a team of Wireline Fishing Specialists and developed a fishing campaign programme that minimised downtime and allowed the operator to complete the development project on time and under budget.

In one case, a dropped PLT string, weighing 1,100lbs, plus 300m of electric line, was recovered successfully in just 28 hours of fishing operations.  The well, which had been 'shut in' for more than a month, was immediately put back into production.

Fishing Case Study


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