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Global Mobilisation and Logistics Support

Oil Consultants has a strong and proud history of placing consultants into work on a worldwide basis.  One of the keys to our successful services is our smooth and efficient mobilisation service.  With clients in over 90 countries, and consultants from just as many nationalities, we have experience in a wide range of mobilisations with many differing requirements. 

Over time, our team have developed the breadth of knowledge that assists them in dealing with almost any eventuality and can assist and advise on a variety of areas including:

  • International and internal flights and transfers
  • Accommodation for anything from a single night to full project duration
  • Visa requirements and applications
  • Letters of Invitation
  • Inoculation requirements
  • Meet and greets
  • In-country security
  • Country and cultural information
  • Delivery of project specific information and inductions
  • Coordination of pre-job training

Our 24/7 support service means that if there are any issues we will have someone to support you wherever in the world you are and regardless of your time zone.

Whether you are a client or a consultant, we know that mobilisation to and from work locations can be a stressful affair.  If you have selected consultants for your project you need to know that they will arrive at the project location on time and ready for work.  Our team brief every consultant before they travel on all the logistical arrangements so they know where they are expected to be and when, and who they need to meet upon arrival.  In addition, the team can pass on specific training or induction materials and even assist in arranging attendance at required training courses.

International travel can be one of the most demanding aspects of the job for our consultants their families.  Each time a consultant travels to a location with Oil Consultants we ensure they are as fully briefed as possible before departure on what they are expected to take and the arrangements made to get them from the airport to the project location or their accommodation etc.  We can advise and assist with items such as visas, Letter of Invitation and inoculations required.  Our team can also provide cultural advice for specific countries and feedback from consultants who have worked there before to help individuals be prepared.

All of these factors are just a part of our comprehensive consultant care programme designed to ensure that consultants and their families have the highest level of reassurance possible during what can be a difficult time.

 Team Profiles

When I first joined Oil Consultants nearly 3 years ago I was working primarily with consultants, helping them develop their CVs and ensuring we had all their relevant information to place them into work.  The company was growing very quickly and it soon became clear that we needed individuals to concentrate on the logistics of consultant mobilisation and as I result I helped to develop the mobilisation team and became one of our first mobilisers.  I find the role fascinating and really enjoy the variety of the people I get to talk to and help, from our internal teams to consultants and clients and travel agents!  It has been amazing to see how the company has grown and developed since I first joined and I am now looking forward to the opportunity of working with a regional team and the change this gives me to develop a deeper specialist knowledge in my sector.

Prior to joining Oil Consultants, I completed a degree in Tourism Management with Entrepreneurship in Edinburgh, Scotland, and worked for one of the major Tour Operators back in the UK.  My role was to liaise with businesses, industry providers and individual clients.  This experience has given me an insight into working with international clientele in ever changing environments.

I relocated to Brisbane and joined Oil Consultants in February 2013.  The position involves acting as a liaison between the business development agent, client and consultant.  I also ensure that the consultant is mobilised to their job location and I coordinate the logistics and arrangements required to get the consultant to a job.

I am delighted to work for a well-known company which prides itself in recruiting the best personnel and being a leader within the oil and gas industry.  It is very interesting to see that the new Brisbane office is growing fast and bringing quality consultants to the Australasia region.  Working at Oil Consultants gives me the opportunity to work within a dynamic company and broaden my experience in the oil and gas industry.

I have a strong background in customer service having spent a number of years working within the insurance industry.  Helping people solve their problems and issues gives me great satisfaction and I enjoy the fact that I help so many people as a mobiliser on the Well Testing team.  Although we deal with a specialist set of consultants they are travelling all round the world and often on tight schedules so I am developing considerable experience in understanding the individual needs of each consultant as they travel.

I joined Oil Consultants as a mobiliser in July 2012 after spending a number of years working in the fields of HR, Management and Training.  As a mobiliser I am responsible for organising the logistics of getting consultants to and from project locations for clients.  I like the challenges that the role presents and particularly enjoy assisting consultants with their visa applications.  I’ve now become a part of the North American team and will be assisting in establishing and developing our Houston office as well as training our new USA based staff to ensure they are able to provide the high levels of customer service that we pride ourselves on.  I’m really excited about working with this team and see it as a great opportunity for development, both for myself and for the company.

My main responsibility as a Mobiliser is to liaise with the Oil Consultant teams, client, consultant and various travel agencies and third parties, to ensure the consultant has everything they need to travel from vaccinations to visas.

Prior to joining Oil Consultants I worked for a Cruise Line and did a lot of international travel as part of my job.  I have the experience of travelling on offshore tickets and with a seaman's book, through airports with extra luggage.  I know what a consultant is going through whilst waiting for immigration checks, the stress of a delayed flight causing missed connections and the worry of where your baggage will end up and if there is where you need it to be.  All of these experiences really help me in dealing with our consultants and helping them have as smooth and trouble free mobilisation as possible.

Working in the mobilisation team involves a lot of variety.  Once a consultant has been selected for a role I work with the rest of the Oil Consultants team as well as the consultant and the client to organise the most effective solution for getting the consultant to the project.  This is much more than organising flights and accommodation – depending on the project location and the nationality of the consultant I can also assist with visas and Letters of Application.  I can also advise on rig and project specific requirements as well as country and cultural considerations.

I love the fact that I work in a fast moving environment and since every situation is unique I can take what I learn every day and apply to all the jobs to ensure the highest level of customer service for everyone involved.


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