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Technical Expert Panel Overview

Mark Cooper Oil Consultants Technical Expert
Mark Cooper is Technical Director at Oil Consultants and has oversight of the consultants` competency scheme as well as supporting Oil Consultants project management teams and other technical areas of the business. Mark has spent 30 years working within the oil industry, 26 of which were in well testing and well services. Mark holds a BSc degree in Earth Sciences and a Diploma in Economics and has extensive engineering experience covering the following areas:
Norman Darby Oil Consultants Technical Expert
Since 2003, Norman has been the principle Technical Advisor at Oil Consultants.  His responsibilities include management of the company's technical appraisal system for all consultant engineers and technicians.  He also interviews candidate consultants to ensure they are technically qualified for the positions that they apply for.  Norman also advises and administers our team of recruiters to ensure Oil Consultants delivers suitably qualified technical personnel.  His areas of experience and expertise include:
Oil Consultants Technical Expert Anthony James Lovering

Anthony Lovering is a well testing expert at Oil Consultants and is responsible for the evaluation of consultants and other technical issues associated with well testing.  Anthony has spent 33 years working in the oil industry, mainly in well testing, but also in production and early production systems.  Anthony is an experienced project manager and has worked on major projects for both service and operator companies.  Anthony was all well test instructor at the Tristar training centre in Dundee for Geoservices and has developed and implemented competency assurance systems for well testing and production personnel:




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